Micro Rocket Kick Scooter

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Micro Rocket Kick Scooter Description

Enjoy exceptional Swiss design with uncompromising quality when you ride the Micro Rocket. The Rocket has a weight capacity of 220lbs, making it a great scooter for adults as well as kids ages 8+. The extra-wide ‘fat’ wheels, unique to Micro, offer improved grip on the pavement and greater stability, plus stronger braking, for increased confidence and control. The handlebar height on the Micro Rocket is adjustable up to 35 inches from the deck, so it’s best for short-to-medium size adults and kids ages 8+. The Rocket comes completely assembled, with a patented double-button folding system. To unfold, simply loosen the clamp on the folding mechanism, then push in and hold the 2 buttons on either side of the front wheel. Unfold your scooter and push the clamp back up to tighten the folding mechanism. Easy to fold and unfold, making it quick and easy to store away or convenient to carry. The patented 2-way kickstand enables the scooter to stand upright by itself. It can be kicked forward or back when you are ready to ride and flicked back easily when resting to provide a stand for parking the scooter. We recommend kicking it forward to ride, so that when you’re ready to park, you can use your toe to deploy the stand. It’s the cool way to park your ride. SAFETY – We always recommend that riders wear a helmet. This scooter is designed for normal cruising, not for jumps or stunts.

Micro Rocket Kick Scooter how to buy

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